Our Vision

Knowing who you are helps to know where you are going. Our starting point at Cornerstone begins with a basic presupposition.
We believe that God calls people to Cornerstone Church. With that as the basis, we have four corners to our vision.

God calls people to Cornerstone Church to:


Realize the need for the Gospel to be central in one’s life.

We believe that God’s people are saved by Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone as revealed in Scripture alone. All this is for God’s glory alone.


• The foundation for all life and godliness is God’s Word, inerrant in the original autographs and best summarized in the Westminster Standards.


• As disciples, we have a life-long goal of learning more of God’s goodness given to us because of the completed work of Christ. While in our sinfulness we desire to be the center of the universe, we must constantly learn that we exist for but one purpose: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The Gospel is applicable not only for coming to faith in Christ, but for growth in Christ. Just as we are justified by faith alone, we are sanctified by faith alone as well.


• Ministries at Cornerstone will be oriented to the Gospel so that as people see their sin because of God’s Law, they are given the only hope, that is Christ’s substitutionary atonement for sinners.


• The preaching at Cornerstone is based on the understanding that Christ’s work on the Cross serves as the lens through which we understand who we are and how we are to respond. The centrality of the Cross of Christ presented in corporate worship is to likewise form the basis of Christian homes, as covenant families grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Growth groups at Cornerstone further explore the ramifications of the Gospel in our everyday lives.

Respond to God’s call with worship which has Christ as the central focus.

We believe that God provides the means by which His grace is effectively communicated to us. Our worship is driven by the Word, empowered by the Spirit with a view of extolling the work of the Son so that we serve our Father.


• Worship at Cornerstone reflects the good news of the Christian faith. We praise God’s work in creation and His ownership of us as His creatures. We confess our sins so that we may hear His forgiveness because of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. We respond to God’s saving mercy to us and pray for His grace to preserve us. All this prepares us as His people to hear from His Word the good news of the Law and the Gospel. On the Lord’s Day morning, as we gather for worship, the Word is central and the means of grace are found in the faithful hearing of the Word as well as in the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper.


• Worship at Cornerstone follows in the historical traditions of our faith as we confess our faith through creeds and in the hymns of the church. While rooted in the past, we seek to express our faith in culturally accessible forms so that through our worship others would see that God is among us.


• Worship at Cornerstone forms the foundation for family worship as well as for personal devotion and prayer.

Relate this life-changing message to the Cornerstone community.

We believe that God’s people are related to one another by the common work of the Holy Spirit. As Christ is the head of the Church and we are His body, we must respond to one another with faith expressing itself through love.


• We are a church containing people from a variety of places, vocations and backgrounds, demonstrating the power of the gospel to transcend our differences. Our unity is found not in what we create, but in God’s declaring us to be His holy temple.


• The Great Commandment calls us not only to love God, but to demonstrate that love through loving our neighbor. The various growth groups enable us to become involved with each other so that we may encourage and support others in their Christian faith.


• The members of Cornerstone will seek God’s will for opportunities to serve the body to promote the Gospel, so that others will hear and see the good news of Christ’s work for His people. Growth groups are structured to provide opportunities to study God’s Word, support one another and serve those outside the group. The diaconal work of the church serves those created in the image of God with the benefits of God’s creation. The deacons at Cornerstone are to be responsive to the needs of those within our community.

Reach out to others because God reaches down through Christ.

We believe that God’s people demonstrate God’s authority as they reach out to those outside our church with the good news of the power of God in Christ.


• This completes the cycle of God’s work at Cornerstone as we are commanded to look outside of ourselves to a world that is in need of good news. Through a variety of means, Cornerstone proclaims to others their need of a savior due to their alienation because of sin, as well as God’s provision of eternal life through faith in Christ. Cornerstone reaches out through mercy ministries, evangelistic outreach and in the formation of new churches in this area and throughout the world.


• Because of the life-transforming message of the Gospel, there is to be a desire to express gratitude for all that God has done for us. We will communicate the life-changing message of the gospel to our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The Cornerstone family will be actively involved in establishing new churches in our community. The Cornerstone family will promote world evangelism through supporting and sending missionaries throughout our nation and world so that we can make disciples of all the nations.

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