Primary Praise

Primary Praise is an age-appropriate worship experience for young children from age 4 through 6 years of age during the sermon portion of the Sunday morning worship service. Primary Praise children participate with their parents in the worship of God and are dismissed before the sermon.

Primary Praise is an opportunity for children to hear the truths of the gospel taught in their own age appropriate way rather than from a sermon geared to the level of adults.

During the time of Primary Praise, the children are led in a structured, worshipful setting by caring adults and helpers through material called “Children and Worship”, consisting of a cycle of stories from the Old and New Testament correlating to the church year calendar that demonstrate God’s redemptive purposes for His people. A weekly update of what topics are being covered each week is printed in the bulletin along with a list of the teacher and helpers for each class. The program is designed to enable children to use their senses to experience God through the Biblical stories, parables and worship. The story materials are created from basic materials such as wood, poster board, and felt.

Children learn about their need for a perfect Savior, Jesus’ love and obedience to God His Father, and Jesus’ atoning death on their behalf. Primary Praise is designed to assist the child in knowing how to worship God with reverence and adoration in age-appropriate way. In this way, both parents are children are impacted with the gospel during the morning worship service.

Parents are requested to pick their children up from their Primary Praise rooms in the lower level following the benediction at the conclusion of the service. Picking your children up in a timely manner means that teachers and helpers do not have to wait too long after the service. Parents are also asked to be respectful of the children’s time of worship and wait until their time of worship is completed and the doors to the Primary Praise rooms are opened before picking up your child. If you are interested in assisting as a teacher or helper, please contact Primary Praise Coordinator Erin King or the church office by emailing or by calling (262) 646-6445.

Introduction to Primary Praise