Cornerstone Spotify Playlist

At Cornerstone we believe that worship is central to living the Christian life. Worship is much more than a few songs on Sunday, but rather encapsulates all of what we do as a gathered people on the Lord’s Day where we have a chance to corporately worship God as Father, Son, and Spirit in fellowship with the Trinity. So what are some of our core convictions in worship?


Every Sunday at Cornerstone we seek to embody the story of Redemption through our liturgy, or order of worship.

We praise God as Creator and Sovereign Lord,

We confess our sins and failures to be God’s holy people,

We are reminded of the saving work of Christ on the Cross to redeem us,

We are charged to carry out God’s mission of restoring this world as His Kingdom on earth.

In all of this, our worship points us to the centrality of The Cross of Christ!

Historic & Modern

At Cornerstone we incorporate many historic forms of worship such as ancient hymns, creeds, and confessions to unite us with the Church in the past. We also strive to incorporate much of what is modern—this speaks to how the Gospel is engaging and forming our culture. Our worship practices are guided by scripture, informed by history, and engage our present context.

Our music reflects this conviction as well. We do a variety of styles at Cornerstone that incorporates old and new, fast, and slow, praise and petition.

We look forward to having you join us in worship!


If you have any questions about our liturgy or music, please contact Assistant Pastor Andrew Whitaker